EA Ep 2 : Remember, New Normal Is Life Always Using Mask

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The massive spread of Covid-19 in the world and Indonesia, while the understanding of new normal life is still minimal, causes people to experience a dilemma. 

On the one hand, you have to follow the New Normal rules and start going out of the house, on the other hand you still need to be on high alert for the spread of Covid-19. 

Coupled with the variety of regulations in various regions and countries, it makes people's understanding of the current situation even more complicated. When viewed in the field since the large-scale social restrictions, in compliance the community is divided into three groups. 

First, people who adhere to health rules and protocols. Starting from reducing the scale out of the house, then using Personal Protective Equipment such as glasses and masks when going outside and keeping a distance from each other. 

Then carry out a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle. This group has instilled a disciplined attitude and an understanding that Covid-19 is a dangerous disease. The second group is people who are afraid of being exposed to Covid-19 but still leave their homes even though not to work and trade. 

Community groups have thoughts and beliefs that Covid-19 will not hit them because even though they often go outside they are still obedient to carrying out activities according to protocol directions such as wearing masks and keeping your distance. 

The third group, namely the community at all considered that Covid-19 was a challenge and a test so they did not care to go out with or not use PPE or masks. In his thinking, life and death are God's business, as long as he is physically healthy, he will always be active. 

This third group is in the research of an institution that focuses on Ethnographic studies, namely ETNOMARK Consulting, called Covidiot. Although this type of covidiot also includes panic buying behavior. 

This phenomenon causes a big dilemma in society, especially because the Covid-19 vaccine has not been found and the spread of the disease that first appeared in Wuhan China is still unclear. In its slow but sure development, people who have been psychologically disciplined will be disturbed, especially if the second and third groups continue to increase in intensity.

Implicitly this situation has become the study of the Indonesian government and the world so that it underlies the birth of the New Normal. 

Although this is explicitly to save the nation's economy. Then, if we observe each other, since Covid-19 appeared late last year, until now the most important tool in protecting ourselves is masks. Either in masks for health or even cloth masks. 

This is also in accordance with WHO's appeal and the Ministry of Health's regulations which make masks the main tool that residents must wear when they go outside. There are even sanctions for residents who violate not using masks when leaving the house in the form of money and social work.

From this study, it indicates that masks are something important in this New Normal order. If this mask has been used in a disciplined manner, other activities can be carried out normally. 

Illustration (pixabay.com)
This emphasizes that in addition to efforts to maintain distance or physical distancing which is also included in the New Normal rule, using a mask in a disciplined manner will minimize the process of direct transmission of Covid-19 from the mouth and nose. 

Another hope is that the use of this mask can make it easier for the community to understand about the implementation of the New Normal. New Normal means doing activities as usual but using some personal protective equipment, especially masks. 

Meanwhile, others such as washing hands, maintaining distance and also checking the temperature are part of the adaptation in the New Normal life. Of course this article is written based only on the author's small studies and direct observations. It still needs to be proven again with concrete research. May be useful.

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