EA Ep 1 : How Television Is Converted To Mini PC?


Illustration (pixabay.com)

The dominance of Android as the largest platform in smart device systems is predicted to continued and spread to other media, one of which is to replace the role of personal computers or laptops.

Even now, even though it is only converted into a smart phone, some of the roles of computers such as typing, playing games and other smart activities have begun to be replaced.

Although it is still limited in replacing the role of computers as a whole, Android's performance is considered to have been a perfect substitute for PC.

Moreover, the development of Android from a linux-based system which first became a competitor of Windows in developing PCs with high technology levels.

Indeed, when viewed in "innards" the android or linux system has differences with windows. Even so, because they have the same purpose and function, they can replace each other.

However, economically, having an Android device is much more efficient than a Windows-based PC.

Both in the form of cellphones, tablets and the latest, namely STB or Set Top Box which is commonly used for TV.

When viewed, the STB function converts the television into an android machine that can capture various android applications.

Illustration (pixabay.com)

This STB is almost the same in performance as Smart Television, which can also pick up internet signals and use an android application.

Even so, when compared to the completeness of applications on cellphones and tablets, applications on smart TV or STB are still limited in use.

It's just that when viewed as a whole Smart TV or STB has been able to become a "Mini PC" because it can run the applications needed on a PC such as office applications, games, live streaming, photo editing, playing videos.

It remains only to run Office applications by adding a portable mouse or keyboard that is sold in the market. Even for playing games, you can add a gamepad.

That way because android television which is usually a means of watching television can be used as a mini PC.

For those of you who want to use this STB, it is recommended that you have an LED television, but you can also use an old tube TV.

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